Challenge #01870-E046: Top Secret Womens' Business

"Prime Minister, we have little time. We must awaken Atlantis..." the tall dark-skinned woman said, crisp business suit and dark glasses lending an air of authority that even the PM felt humbled by.

"Atlantis? Like the myth of the wondrous Greek city that sunk into the sea?"

"Greek? Sank? Mere misdirecting fiction," she replied. "ATLANTIS as in the Advanced Terran Laser And Nuclear Threat Incapacitation System."

"The what? Is ... is this... thing... in Australia?"

"No, Prime Minister. It is Australia. I'll explain on the way. I need to get you to the command center immediately."

"Where's that?"

She removed her sunglasses, revealing eyes surrounded by the distinct dotted facepaint of the continent's indigenous people, and gave the PM a smirk. "Where do you think? For many years you called it Ayers Rock. To us, it's always been Uluru." -- Anon Guest

The whitefella allegedly in charge of the country boggled at her and said, "What?"

It really was difficult for Tenamujai to keep a straight face. "There's no time to stand around and explain. Alien threat. Minutes to contact. We have to act fast if we want to win."

"What aliens?"

Tenamujai sighed and brought out some technology that the world wasn't ready to know about yet. It was an emergency, after all. "This is footage from the remote observation post at Umbriel Base. You can see Jupiter in the lower left of the screen." She lured him along with it. News like a big fucking alien warship tends to hypnotise, after all.

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