Okay, so here's the PLN...

I have something dodgy happening with my lappy, so I made an appointment with the Apple Store to get it looked at. For some reason, it can't recognise it is a lappy for a good five minutes if opened whilst plugged in to power. Weird. I suspect a connection gone askew.

This thing isn't even a year old, I'm sure. I'm getting very upset about the frailty of Apple products. I mean, otherwise, they're pretty reliable, but... Do one wrong thing to them and they fall apart.

It's getting tempting to get a $600-something Windoze machine and put up with the odd BSOD. At least working in google docs means that little is lost.

I sure as fuck can't afford $2-4K again for a new one so soon.

Fingers crossed it's an easy fix and I don't have to work on my iPad whilst they ship my lappy off to Tanegashima or wherever for expert care.

So... I am Out, today. Getting my Lappy seen to and hoping for the best. Which means zero progress on Kitty Kondo (tm), but plausibly some content over on my Patreon and Wordpress because the place that holds the Apple Store has free wifi.

The Patrons are getting an apology note. Wordpress may or may not have a rant. It depends on how quickly they shove me off. However... the Instant Story is guaranteed.

I have maybe half an hour to get a wriggle on with that.