Okay. I think I've got the hang of things...

The weather has turned rainy and I, for one, am glad that some of the blistering heat has toned down more than a smidge. However, Australia is still on fire, there's a plague running rampant all over the world, and our politicos are failing us in a very big way.

I have "rediscovered" the secret of not twiddling off on distraction-fueled browsing - and that is to shut off every window but the one I'm working on so I can actually firkin focus for a change.

Music helps but not if I hate it. I should load up that binaural beats playlist again and have at that. See if it speeds me up any more.

I have, perhaps, half an hour. That won't be enough to write an entire tale, but it will get me somewhere in the vicinity. I hope.

Let's see.