Officially buggered

So after yesterday's chronicled shenanigans, I had like $15 cash left because new license, which was just enough, including the change I had with, to purchase Friday's knackwurst.

I had to write Friday's 1000 words whilst waiting for Miss Chaos, and almost forgot she had to see the dentist. That subsequent side trip also involved me getting back into my clothes in a goshdurn hurry.

Check-up looked good. All there is to worry about is a minor inflamation around the gums, for which I had to truck out and get antibiotics.

Only then, at roughly 5PM, did I have the time to actually relax, have some actual FOOD, and finish my dang work.

And then I fell asleep until about five this morning.

THAT'S how tired I was.

So I had breakfast at lunchtime. Lunch at dinnertime, and a fifteen-hour fast before I finally got breakfast in bed from Penitent Son. A breakfast, I might add, that was slated to be last night's dinner -_-

Yeah, so I'm taking a slob day, and maxing out on the peanuts because I want to, and just plain treating myself to the good stuff.

Today's story may well be slow in coming. Patience is appreciated. I need me some blanket burrito time.