Off I go again

This time, it's a much shorter trip to MeMum's to sort out whatever has fluffed up with her tech this time. I suspect she's forced a quit during an update and now everything's gone do-lally. Either that or a virus has managed to get past her antiviral thing and now she needs a purge.

I really hope it's the update thing. That's way easier to fix than the virus.

Either way, I am sorting out a lot of crap, today. Which means a delay on the what-I-did-on-the-holidays noise for Chaos. I can only do so much with my time.

I shall have to get a sugar-free Monster so I can stay alert on the trip back. I always lose a massive amount of energy during travel. Plus I anticipate being on my own for this trip.

Yesterday, I had a lot of interruptions that weren't done with until late in the day. That's why my Instant was so tardy. Today, you shall get it "on time". Not that there's a set deadline for these things, but I do prefer them to be done in the mornings.

And slightly to the worst... I'm having focus issues, this morning.