Can't really indulge my desire to space out and chillax, today. Today, I am MeMum's transit system on the quest for curtains.

Australia's arsehole tax laws declare that, if you get a pension or are retired, they will tax you on what they reckon you've got if you're over a certain limit. This is called 'deeming' and seems to be based entirely on what a smart rich person who knows how to evade taxes completely would do with that amount of money.

As you guessed, it's a plan to make the rich people richer and keep the poor under the oligarchy's heel.

It also means that, fortune willing, MeMum gets some new curtains and a new roll-a-door for the shed. And it means that we'll be getting the Leyland's Tour of every possible place that sells curtains, care of my phone's GPS.

In order to make good time, I need to frelling focus. And we all know how well that firkin works.

Wish me luck. I'll need it.