Now I can fill you in

First - I didn't get into the garage, yesterday. Second, I had a SNAFU with the funds.

As not precisely detailed, previously, the money didn't quite come into the bank on time. I believe it made it later on in the night. I had plans to get some boxes to organise the garage contents. And no money.

Fortunately, some investigating revealed the carer's allowance landed in my other bank account and I had plenty enough to get that and have grocery money for the week.

The Aussie Government is just great. They wind up giving me money whenever I'm desperate for scratch. It just works out that way. And I love it. Now if I could pay for the things that Miss Chaos really needs, beyond food and drink, we'd be set.

But that's not the end of the story.

The people who turned up were the people I was not expecting, and the garage was just not on the agenda for those people.

And since literally everything else was unfucked, we ended up sorting out the sock situation. Bonus - St Vinnies is going to get a fuckton of odd socks, next week.

This weekend, luck willing, Beloved and I will start tackling the garage and at minimum tidying that noise up. At best, organising it all into accessible containers. At most - making it so we can park the other car in there.

But I also want to visit MeMum for a stuff hand-over, technical consultancy, and likely a good ole gasbag where she can read my lips.

On my agenda today is 1000 words, the Instant, some things for my Patrons, three more blasts from the past on Steemit, and possibly a good rant on Wordpress about this bullshit.

Let's see how far I can get.