Nothing much...

It's Friday, and I usually make myself write one thousand words in my WIP so I can finish of my 3K a week and have the weekends for whatever happens to be going on.

I'm trying to keep up with everything, but I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. And most of it's through making other people do the things they need to do in their day-to-day life. As well as getting myself up and at it.

So I have a creeping feeling of depression creeping up on me because I'm starting to feel weighed under.

I need to talk about this with Beloved. I need to call a person who could help for relatively cheap, at least with the housework. Which is the Big Thing. We have four people and we all love stuff. And we all listen to our Instant Gratification Centres. So, though I have more energy to do stuff... I still only have the motivation to do One Thing before rewarding myself with fun.

With three blogs to run, two kids to chase, and a Beloved to motivate, I have a lot on my plate and not enough time for the fun stuff. Especially now that I'm making myself art every day, and making myself contribute to one fanfic a day.

Finishing all my unfinished projects is a bitch. Even when done piecemeal. And that includes putting KFZ out there after an almost three-month-long hiatus because of NaNoWriMo.

I just hit 'send'. Cue the panic attack.

So that's six weeks or less of anguish, coming up. If they get back to me earlier than the third of March, I know I've been rejected. Again.

I have four more on my list from AR&E, before I bother them with a promise of representation and publishing.

By then I should have not only finished Beauties and the Beastly, but part the way through my next novel. So I'll have two finished books to wave at agents who might like me.

And, if a certain beta-reader keeps dragging their feet, two books without edits done. Cough cough, friendo. I need those edits.

And also I have to find time to get a new banking card which requires a trip in person and a lack of The Trots. And that vital component - energy.