New meds... hooray?

Since the Serotonin was making me constantly semi-drowsy, my doctor switched me out to Zoloft. Or, in this case, the generic, no-brand equivalent of Zoloft because the Australian medical system is not the price-gouging hell-hole that the US has got.

I'm on half a pill, taken in the evening, to scale up to a whole pill later on. And right now, because I dropped the Serotonin and took up the Zoloft, I feel pretty damn awful.

There's the post-swimming heaviness, the difficulty breathing in, and the perma-tired feeling that I was complaining about yesterday.


Beloved has a new diet, which is low-to-zero carbs and just the right amount of fat to make sure the liver has something to do with its life. The doctor who came up with it is from Sweden, and they know their shit. Alas, the site that's our guide is geared to the US and therefore has no clue how expensive shit is here in Aus.

Fresh food CO$T$ over here. Especially stuff like salmon and beef.

But today, when I'm done with the story, Beloved and I shall be making Oopsie Bread so they can have their bread fix without actually eating bread.

I'm going to try joining in? But if I don't have sugar in my firkin coffee, I will just die. We need to negotiate that shiznit.

I need sugar to survive. That's my only thing. I ration my sweet stuff, usually very strictly, but there are days when I frikkin NEED a Swiss Bar or a Yankee Root Beer. And I definitely need a coffee.