Mor writing! Mor work!

So let's recap:

I'm running another blog alongside my story Steemit for all things culinary, scientific, and personal that I have to keep separate from my authorial persona. I'm also running this blog for everything else and generic life updates.

So alongside my Instant, scheduling past Instants, and writing a novel, I should be writing at least one culinary thing and maybe an opinion piece in this other blog.

And I still have to do maintenance on the house, feed and groom the little darlings... and go out shopping for some training bras for Miss Chaos. Assuming, of course, that they have anything in her size at all. My little girl is little.

So today already promises to be a drain on my spoons.

Therefore, I'm loading up on approved supplements, just in case.

And for anyone who worries about blood clots, look for cayenne pepper capsules. Cayenne is apparently what they use to dissolve blood clots without needing to bother with surgery. It's a just-in-case thing that can be useful to everyone.

Yeah, that's one of the things I'm taking. Just in case. The others are basically minerals that may or may not be present in adequate amounts during my daily diet. It's more "belt and braces" rather than "I really need this". No need to fret. Anything extra just gets peed out with all the other junk.

And since my forum is still on the blink, please post any prompts you may have to the flash-fiction tag on Steemit. Yes, you will have to sign up, but I've spotted at least one person who's done that already.

Now I have an Instant to do. Before I run off and do everything else.

Addendum: I derped and forgot to post this. AGAIN.