Mor busy

  • Brat run
  • Vinnies run
  • Doctor's appointment

And then I can get on with writing and animating SESP, drawing more SESP, and maybe even having some time to myself to fart around a bit.

I did get as far as some basic calculations using Quicktime and the time stamps and a lot of math. Today, I'll see how well that went.

The process for finding this out is:

  1. Export flash file
  2. Play flash file
  3. If perfect, stop, else goto 4
  4. Scream in anguish
  5. Go back to Adobe Animate
  6. Tweak it
  7. Goto 1

It usually takes several goes to get it right. Also, since I can't stop Rabbit from flailing in mid air during 'falling', I'm going to reduce her size on the end frame so that maybe people won't notice so much.

I have a lot of running to do.