Mor Busy

This morning, I am taking Mayhem to school at 7 so that I have the time to watch for Chaos' bus at 8 and then taking off AGAIN so I can be at Mayhem's school by 9 for a sincere discussion about Mayhem's scholastic career.

And after that, I have to go get Chaos a school hat(or two) because Wednesdays are the only day for the uniform shop to be open.

Beloved is kept up at night because money worries. Our reserves have slowly and steadily been trending downwards and we really want to be trending upwards. And since I'm already running on minimum possible money, about all I can do about this mess is stew.

At least when I have my steemit stuff down, I can no longer worry about my compy going to shit.

Meanwhile, Streemian is doing something completely ka-bonkers and not posting two out of the three stories I set up to get posted that day. And now, thanks to an attempt to ameliorate that, I now have a long-arse queue of things that won't get posted.

I shall cross my fingers and hope for the best.

Also - my steadfast sandals broke beyond my ability to repair them, so I now have a new pair of $30 sandals from K-Mart. During a household economic crisis that does NOT need me shopping for shoes.

I'm down to half my funds already and I was really hoping to stretch them. Dangit.

I still have to call NAB to get my network banking re-established, and actually set myself a reminder to log in once a month so they don't do it again. The fuckers. Or suggest that the two-point authentication as a means of not shutting my access down whenever they feel like it.

AND I have yet to post this weeks' Patreon stuff. Dangit.