Monday, Day 0, Soft Launch!

Plague news: Three new cases. One import, two local. Nyergh. Forty total cases, thirty-six of those are in hospital.

Firkin plague.

Those of you who follow my Tumblr know that we have soft launched the app. Currently unavailable and uncoded - account creation. Sort of necessary since accounts keep track of user faves and view settings.

We may or may not code cheevs at a later point. That's a problem for Future Us.

Also missing from the database is searchable tags for OVER THREE THOUSAND STORIES AND COUNTING... I got a job of work for myself. At least I can do that now. If I get up to two hundred stories tagged, I shall count myself at an advantage.

Also happening sometime today, five hundred words, house unfuckening, and more assembly of Miss Chaos' new marble run. My thumbs already hate me.

In the news:

  • Crowds at Bondi during lockdown spark ire
  • Idiot causes huge crash at Tour de France
  • Standoff at sea, both sides declare victory
  • NSW Premier once again under fire for... having a relationship
  • Rock star dies of liver failure
  • Remains of "ghost human" species found
  • Daughter finds her mum's nudes
  • Farmers kludge up mass mouse trap that's genius

The Writer's CONduit is on its last day and I am seriously pondering the streaming of my morning Instants. But that will be happening when there's NOT a huge amount of scheduled events. I'm not a jerk.

Anyway. I have a tale to tell.