Monday, Day 0, Plots and PLNs

One new case today, an import. Thirteen total cases. Twelve in hospital. Pretty much the same statistics as yesterday. Stable is better than regression.

Today's pln involves cleaning up party mess because Miss Chaos turned 16 on Sunday. Lots of unsuitable food lying around. Including a big ol' platter of sushi.


I'm making a start on the next 3K in my novel, talking about pollution and corruption and whatnot whilst not actually getting on my soapbox. Have to have a chat with the GP about getting jabs for the family and who is at more risk under which jab. It's a risk lower than driving to work, but it gets the news because sensational panic bullshit.

...I still worry about Beloved when they drive to work. I have legitimate concerns.

In the news:

  • Murder-suicide father wanted to see if his estranged wife had a boyfriend before he murdered the kids. Dad of the year
  • Bleacher collapse that killed and injured worshippers caught on video
  • Aussie Olympian takes nude photo while breastfeeding. There'd be less outrage without the breastfeeding
  • ScoMo cops flack for wanting plague-positive Aussies back in Australia
  • Selfie-caused boat accident kills five
  • Woman has a baby the size of a 3YO
  • Royal suffers blood clots after the jab

And now - nonsense.