Monday Again?

I got another busy week again.

Monday's cleaning as per usual, but we're also getting a bloke in to look at the dishwasher. Which has suspiciously stopped having error messages on us GDI.

Mayhem is hoping to have his last day at school, today. Finishing up with an exam and getting all the last little necessities ticked and sorted out for the year. Since he's also racked up some internet fees, he's immediately looking for Summer Work (tm) which should teach out lad some valuable lessons about life.

For example: The Parentals Were Right. About needing to drive on his own, about how expensive everything is, about having to pull his weight in this world. And very likely about how retail work is its own special hell.

That'll play out at its own pace.

This morning has been so sideways and my finger of blame is pointing at the different brand of Ashwagandha. It's like it isn't working properly at the recommended dosage. Knowing my luck, I just bought a bunch of oregano and grass clippings instead of the herb.

Back on the Nature's Way brand, next time I run out of those shits. I'll buy a box of them. I don't care. Just give me that good good braining pill.

And now? I do story for you.