Moer Focus Issues

I can focus enough to start and finish a hurt/comfort sickfic in one morning. Yay me. But I can't focus enough to do the morning thing and Beloved already wants me to play Minecraft with them.


And I still have to do today's actual free fiction. Rather than turning my eyes permanently to a certain Texmex themed arsehole wizard.

That said, you should definitely listen to the The Adventure Zone podcast. It's amazingly funny and the characters are totally loveable in spite of evident flaws. And full of the rudest jokes. Not safe for kiddiewinks.

Available wherever you can get good podcasts.

They're on my list of people I want to give money to for being amazing. (And I kind'a wish I was on theirs but I am LATE to the party)

Let's get on with this before I get any worse distracted.