Challenge #01772-D311: The New Landlord

You once wrote an Instant about a Company owning 99.99% of the World. What they wouldn't realise is "If you own it, you have to fix it. Lousy Hospital, Education, Roads, transport. It's Your responsibility. enjoy!" government retires. -- Knitnan

When you've just bought the world, you never expect it to be a fixer-upper. The previous administration neglected to mention things like noisy and annoying tennants. Rising damp. The fact that the heating needed to be fixed. And they had the luxury of being able to shove the metaphorical buck.

Now, there were no excuses.

There was just one person in charge. One person who ruled the world. Because he had just bought it like a pig in a poke. Because he believed that owning everything meant winning. But the prize that Jeri Maximilian had won was -well- the booby prize.

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