Maybe today...

I didn't get to half of what I wanted to get done. Part of my brain was really thirsting to do some Minecraft, I guess. Procrastination helps the mind re-set and lets it rest between emergencies, and therefore it is a good thing. In moderation.

I'm making myself get to all those little side-projects, today. All those tiny five-minute tasks that end up taking two hours and all the patience you have to spare. Sooner started, sooner done, and all that associated nonsense.

Just like I made myself send all the salient info off to AR&E. Paying close to $400Aus tends to cement the need to do the thing, somehow. And if this is successful, I'll feel better about using them again for Adapting.

AR&E are going to see a lot of weird shit from me before I finally settle down into that one agent who's just like, "Shit. This weirdo again," before they dive headlong into the challenge. At least they'll have a nice, refreshing Sci Fi to sell every other year. Until I mess them up by doing the Kingdom of Sand trilogy.

I'm also racing apace with Ordahlia [Alternate title: Clockwork Souls] aka That Book I Shouldn't Be Writing Yet. So far, I'm seven chapters in with no real goal and no limits. I've had a murder, body disposal for fun and profit, evident disregard for human life, evident disregard for my protagonists' lives, and they've all just been abducted by the first Bossfight.

Powers That Be, it's bloody fun to write, though.

I think I'll be up to chapter twenty before I reveal that the human portion of our adventurers aren't white. That's gonna mess Hollywood up if they ever make a movie out of it. Doubtful that they would, though. Steampunk is still a niche market.

Ah, but it's fun to dream... And I should quit that and get on with my day.