May Day!

It's the first of May and, for reasons currently unknown to me, it's a public holiday. I'm certain someone will inform me as to why it's important, but I'll probably forget inside of a month unless you tell it as an interesting story.

I only learned what a 'creel' was after the tenth iteration of MeMum yelling at Roger Ramjet. FYI, it's a basket or box used for fishing gear and/or fishing catch.

In other news - we found a shop that stocks Lqd+! Yes, the Coles in Burpengary actually had a few boxes of the Tropical flavour, but no other flavours. I grabbed two boxes [one dozen Lqd+ bottles] and now most of the family is happy because we have some awesome dang cordial.

I'm especially happy because Lqd+ disguises the Horrible Filter Flavour and allows me to imbibe more than hot beverages. An important issue when the weather is so changeable.

So on the extra day off, we are, of course, spending it at home and grinding rep so our toons can fly all over the scenery and do all the other quests all the quicker. Because we're nerds.

And speaking of random nerditry... At that very same Coles, the PA was playing a song I rather liked, and some random people nearby kept giving me weird looks for singing along. I almost stopped, but thought - who am I hurting, really? Nobody, that's who. So I kept singing.

One small step towards self-confidence. Many more to go.

Tomorrow, for sure, I will probably do something up about Tropes That Tick Me Off And Probably Need To Die. I'll start with "Women in the Fridge". First, because it really annoys me, and second because IT STILL HAPPENS. Which only serves to tick me off further.

Dude. If you can't write a loving, fulfilling relationship - FUCKING DON'T. Rrrgh. Rant tomorrow. Write today.