Challenge #01580-D119: Alto-nate Talent

Alto. Never to sing those high intricate vocal solos beloved of Opera fans. Altos get stuck in the choir. -- Knitnan

Keep the tune. Keep the rhythm. Let the sopranos, the tenors and the basso profundos drown you out. That's all the Altos are good for, they say. That and pop music, which is famously lacking in melody[1], and famously full of atonal yelling down the microphones. Which was all too bad, because Gail loved to sing, and she was an Alto.

She had thought Choir, and Glee Club, and singing lessons would help her with her love. What she got for each was: put in the back row, put in the rhythm section, and put up with by numerous bored singing coaches once they realised that they could never get her up to the heights that people valued.

Gail could never understand why everyone wanted sopranos. The high-register trilling always hurt her ears and made her wince. But high notes, apparently, were key. And sometimes her coach at the time would chuckle at that. A joke she heard too often to be funny any more. In the end, she gave up on all of it. Got back to saving up for some other dream that may not ever come true. Got back to work.

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