Making my mind up

I think I'm going to get some Steam Powered Apparel. The conversion to USD and postage fees ought to take care of one shirt. So of course I'm getting the one with the band logo on it.

I'm going to be making time to produce a print version of _Amity Incident. I should have enough time to do that if I can focus enough to get my daily work out of the way.

Which is a challenge for me, I get it.

I am easily distracted by bright, shiny objects.

I should get that on a shirt. Which leads me to ponder: What merch should I have? I'm thinking of Offensensitivity pins, but I'd have to (a) design them and (b) find someone willing to manufacture the shits. Same story with the ESPer pins.

Everyone's all about merch. I should get in on that.

But right now, I have a bus to watch out for.