Last Week of School

Miss Chaos is in the last week of her education, so I can accurately predict a whole bunch of late stories in the future because slobbing around and doing nothing is my jam.

I will endeavour to get all my shit done before sunset. No guarantees.

Asterisk: Reminder that sunset in Sunny Queensland happens at around six to seven PM because Summer.

Today's a cleaning day, and I have to do a cash run, but beyond that, there are no plans. Not even PLNs.

As far as the Yule PLNs are concerned, we have ham and prawns secured. Things like salad bits will have to wait until last minute or next to last minute. Same with the eggs that will be pre-boiled for the yule feast.

I will float the possibility of Festive Gorp for the whole nuts and stuff... but I'm not getting thirty billion cheeses again. Nope. Cheese cubes or rack off.

Of course I decided to be a little bit extra and got some fancy cups to set gelatine into for dessert. I'll give folks a choice between cheesecake mix with flavour [Probably lemon or peppermint] and the good old fashioned whipped cream.

Fortunately, we should also have a bunch of berries and I could plausibly whip up a keto custard as well, so there's the option for a make-your-own Fool1.

I might even finally bust out the chocolate fondue set so folks can dip what they like. Which means that a stash of chocolate is recommended for just-in-case.

Lots of PLNs. I just gotta make sure Beloved is OK with them.

  1. Fool: A dish made of fruit, custard, and cream; either in layers or sort of folded together. Sinful and delicious.