Last day here

I have to pack, but at least I won't be packing as obsessively as I did in the days leading up to my trip out.

All I need to do is make sure I come back with all the stuff I intend to bring back.

And figure out how I'm going to haul all my shit home and the little darlings. Footwells will be my saviour, I am sure.

Also, I have to extract a prodigious amount of rubbish out of the back of my car. My darlings and I are going to learn to take our rubbish out with us. And I know it's going to be hard slog.

I have a lot of self-motivation to do, actually. The whole "I work all day" thing doesn't hold water when nobody is working on the home and contents.

I will be asking Beloved how to change the WiFi password so I can discourage my darlings from plugging in before they've done a minimum of work. I may also have to hide the remotes and unplug the television.

Chaos has remarkable problem solving skills when it comes to watching cartoons when she should be working.