Last Day

I got some last-minute stuff to get, including some leggings to protect my shins during the autumn-winterish chill of the more southern climes, especially when it's close to beddie-byes time.

I need a power board, because nerds like us tend to use/abuse/need them as soon as they come into the house. Maybe a smallish extension cord in case the only spare plug is located under the bed or whatever.

I know I have a room with a microwave, so I don't expect a whole bunch of frills.

As long as there's some way to get this blog out, I will be fine.

After today's story, I will be posting warnings to my followers on all my assorted social medias so they know that I'm okay. Do not be alarmed. I'll be trying to get my daily blog out, but everything else I produce is window dressing.

A final farewell awaits me. That's my priority until I get back home.