It's official

I am a dally-doodle, diddle-daddle, dingus, doofus, derpy, derpington, derpson DUMMINS.

After an entire day of trying to figure out what went wrong and where, I finally realised one important factor.

I had the visibility slider down to zero.


In personal news, I took my waist/height measurement and scored 0.541 so that's me a little closer to healthy weight measurements. Thanks to taking up rowing again [once a week, for five minutes. I go as fast as I can for as long as I can and then slow row for the remaining time] the loose skin on my belly is slowly dwindling away.

I have gone down a pants size, and am now squeezing myself into a pair of skinny jeans we had lying around from far younger times.

I'm edging ever closer to full health. At least, official full health which may or may not actually be dangerous in the long term. Whatever. I hardly have asthma, I have more energy than I used to, and I feel great. Three cheers for Keto.

Today is the beginning of another school term. Which means more mornings for this noise and more solitary writing time for me. It does mean that my art window moves to the afternoon, but I can seriously deal with that.

I did manage to do the base colours for the last frame, yesterday. So there's that. I might actually finish the shot today. Woot.

Anyway. Onwards with the bedlam.