Challenge #01650-D189: Not the Usual Madness

And so tired of the Mad God's priestess falling for Hero du Jour and grabbing the priceless treasure and buggering off to live with Hero type. So! what if your Mad God was just annoyed that "Nobody Listens to Me!" - random thoughts on popular Barbarian fiction. -- Knitnan

The temple of Sargax the Mad God was silent. Eerily silent. The walls were furnished in sculpted felt and the floor was made out of cork. Nidrus the Mighty could not still the noise of his armour as he made his way through the quiet corridors, well aware of how the metal plate protecting his body clanked and rattled with his every step. And he was also well aware that the sound from his armour didn't echo back from the soft walls.

There were no soldiers. No bloodthirsty demons. No acolytes bent on killing him. No eldritch monsters. There were rather a lot of Faerie lights to illuminate the temple. But then, they were the only known light source that made no sound. There were no doors with hinges to creak. Merely baffle upon baffle of thick curtains made of Anteludian Spider silk. A fabric also noted for its sound-deadening qualities.

Nidrus journeyed onwards down the snail-shell spiral of the temple. There was no sign of any treasure, but there was always treasure in the centre of a Mad God's temple. Usually after a pitched battle to rescue a high priestess from human sacrifice. But there was nothing like that here.

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