Interesting Day

There's an apocryphal curse, May You Live in Interesting Times. It's been an interesting day already.

Starting with:

  • Beloved home from work on a day off
  • Mayhem home from school because exams
  • Cleaning day
  • Jolie figured out how to escape exile in the Catio
  • Chaos and I had to chase her and chuck her out again

I've also learned that I need to launch in order to build anything in Roll20, so... I might not be building anything in Roll20... yet. I'll get that art program for my PC and fool around on that before I get further into Roll20.

Meanwhile, WorldAnvil has opened some possibilities for me, so I'll be doing a majority of the flavour text over in there.

I think I'm pretty good at flavour text.

My DFAW [daughter-from-across-the-water] has offered to do some arts for this thing, so now I need to figure out how to invite her into the creative process.

More fatwiddling ahoy, I have no doubt.

It's almost time for bus, so I shall commence said fatwiddling until Chaos is aboard her bus.