I'm kind'a sad now

So that was the last session of the year and it was cut short because our DM has a dreaded throat lurgi. He's off to the States until January so our shenanigans are on HEAVY pause.

Therefore I am painting my 3D-printed mini from HeroForge(tm). Google them. It's like the Ultimate Character creator. Be warned - it might chew your bandwidth a lot, and it will be slow.

That said, HeroForge is a great way to spend $50 [plus postage and handling] on a very small piece of plastic that looks firkin awesome.

I put the base coat on already and I've started on the details. Well. The details undercoat. I need a second coat on the undercoat to make certain it's all good.

After that second coat - I'm doing some drybrushing. Whee.

I also have a kitty to take to (hopefully) get her stitches out. So today promises to be some real fun.

I got a couple of hours before I need to get going on that, so... let's try to get a story out.