I think I made the good choice

Yesterday, since we spent most of the day on the road, I wound up VERY tired and just... slept... when I got home. Just... slump. Snore. Done until the wee small hours this very AM.

Useful for streaming, but not much else. But I did get the next five stories recorded so there is that. Even if nobody comes to watch, streaming keeps me honest.

When I'm ahead of my podcast buffer zone, I shall have to work on SESP so I can finally reach that one milestone and maybe be inspired to finish the dang clip I have in my head every time I hear that song.

The good choice is not being overly fussed about writing my novel this week. I have a heck of a week to deal with and it's been a little demanding of my time.

Paired with my horrid ability to manage time and that's why it's taken close to three hours just to write this blog entry. I am not an organised person.