I think I got it now...

I'm into the swing of eating mostly protein. And my bod's still getting used to the change. I may have overdone the "energy" portion of my fodder last night because, dangit, I needed a treat after the run-around I got in finally posting yesterday's instant.

It went a little something like this:

  • Write story according to schedule
  • Attempt to merge in picture
  • 504 error apparently obliterates story
  • P A N I C !
  • Cursing
  • Realise that story is potentially lost forever and I can't go back to where I was
  • More cursing
  • Apologise to small portion of my fanbase who actually cares about this sort of thing
  • Rewrite story with as many of the original beats as I can recall
  • In a file so huge that it creates its own lag
  • Helplessly watch all your typos crawl onto the screen at four characters per second
  • Write 500 words in novel for a breather [not kidding]
  • Finish "instant" at snail's pace
  • Get REAL tired in a literal sense
  • Have a frustration nap
  • Wake up in time for dinner
  • Try my chances again and find out that the original story remains
  • Choose between two versions
  • Post both in separate arenas
  • Eat a bunch of treats after dinner

I'm still salty about all this, by the way. Still feeling emotionally drained and frustrated by all of it and genuinely praying that I never go through any of it again.

I shall certainly be making sure I have an interim backup in my master file so that I can at least recover the work if it does happen again.

I might be paranoid, but I know that something is out to get me.