I spoiled my kitties

We went out into the wilderness and found some luxurious bedding for the felines, since they are one year old as of a few days ago. I also had the good luck to score some decent wholemeal - spelt wholemeal.

Beloved floated a conspiracy theory that perhaps the shops aren't that invested in restocking the flour. Especially the Wholemeal. The theory goes that the shops want people to keep buying bread instead of making their own... although there's still a lot of bread kits available, so that theory's on shaky feet.

Many, many sourdough tutorials insist that day one uses wholemeal flour. Joke's on the shops, though, because you can start a sourdough leaven with literally any flour you like. Rye is the easiest to work with, but you can use any flour so long as it has a carb content.

The news sources keep saying that kids under a certain age [once ten, now thirteen] just don't get the plague. This is a big, fat, nasty lie. They have milder symptoms, and can still transmit it because this is an infection that can hang around on surfaces for twenty-four hours. Schools should stay shut for the duration simply because schools are also the biggest vector for disease transmission.

End of.

The Americans still insist that the plague came out of a lab, possibly so they can go to war with their biggest economic competitor. Global science has long ago agreed that the plague originated naturally, but that's not going to stop the Muppet In Chief.

Nothing short of a complete revolution is likely to stop the Muppet. Speaking of, I read somewhere that when the US public realises that the staggeringly wealthy have managed to profit off of their misery, a bloody revolution is more than likely. She's been right about a lot of things in the past but... the Muppet is renowned for ignoring women.


So much moaning about the economy. Don't they realise that, by re-opening, they're just extending the misery for literally everyone including themselves?

Meh. Onwards with my daily output.