I should have my own calendar

It's going to be the tenth of January before I put the last words into 2018's Year of Instants. I'm ten days out of sync with the calendar as it stands.

I may request some twofer prompts so I can get close to resyncing with the calendar. The last attempt didn't end well because successive disasters, but I'm willing to give it another go. Otherwise, it would just get worse.

I'll be home by the Big Day, and theoretically able to quickly publish the anthology. No worries there.

My big worry is huge files taking over my Google Drive. I can't afford the regular fees for extra storage, so my best option is to purge the big stuff and find other ways of cloud storage that won't bite me or anyone else in the bum.

Having four novels in the aether will do that to you, alas. Four novels plus an anthology definitely wrecks it.

Damn. I have to publish.

And speaking of huge files, I'll have to learn Java so I can make an app/plugin so peeps can dial up stories or get a random one. If I can add stories directly to that, then I won't have to fret about the master file any more. I may have to consult with Beloved about this. Or shift my master file into its own account. Whichever is easier TBH, and then look for the long term solution.

Khan Academy and Skillshare, here I come, I guess.

That's... a little on the daunting side, but half an hour a day, minimum, and I should be able to get somewhere.

For now - I do what I know. I write.