I might forget Patron today

Apologies in advance, I will be doing my utmost to be sure it's done, but...

I have a shrink visit in an unknown location and that's likely to fuck me up big time. Getting there. Getting back. I am likely to be a frazzle.

I'll try not to forget that, or the other things I have scheduled, but... I know me.

Now you know I'm at least trying.

Speaking of doing my best, I have figured out that on weekends of Nothing, I should reserve one day for my reserve projects. Editing the last footage of Oh My Mods for completions' sake, finally working on SESP, learning Java. All of that. I need to set aside one day. Or a majority of a day. Whatever I can squeeze in.

It's more likely to be Sunday because the Saturday after game night, I am TOASTED. Singed. Crisped. Two shades off of 'burned out'. You get the idea.

I'm doing my best today. Let's hope it's enough.