I just found the best motto

So I was procrastinating more than usual [it's Saturday here. Ner] and in-between playing YouTube videos and Minecraft, when I spotted this post with its equally hilarious motto.

"Whatever doesn't kill me... had better start running"

I want to wear this on a shirt. I want to have it on a cap. I want some, highly visible garment that I can firkin wear everywhere and have people read it and smirk.

I firkin love that attitude.

Even if I don't have the umph to back it up, I just love it. Like... I may not be stronger, but I will catch up to that which didn't kill me and FUCK UP ITS SHIT.

Revenge served at zero kelvin. Which I can get entirely behind because the things that do not kill me are actually very debilitating and I would love to catch up to them one day and royally fuck them up.

Sadly, my dreams of cornering old age and asthma in a dark alley are just that. Boo. They're not even plausible anthropomorphic personifications.

I'll have to settle for attempting to knee Death in the nards.