I do NOT know what this is

I'm tired all the time. Just behind my eyes. The rest of me seems to be awake and full of energy -hell- I woke up at like 1:30 AM [aka "Fuckoff O'Clock"] and try though I might, I could only snatch an hour's more sleep.

It could be asymptomatic lurgi. It could be the seasonal Thing getting to me in new ways. It could be a deficiency of something wearing away at me like nobody's business.

And my hip has decided to randomly dislocate. Just adding to the 'fun'.

At least my ear has unclogged, today. You watch. I'll yawn and clog it again. Bleh.

On the plus side - no asthma. So it isn't all gloom and doom in my little patch of this wide Earth. It is, however, permanently and piecemeal tired. For reasons that I can not fathom.

I did manage to get my minimums in without hurting myself, so I didn't push myself much further than that. Which means progress has slowed on everything that doesn't have a schedule - Rael and my fanfics specifically.

Mayhem has single-handedly devoured all of the tastiest mini-tins of tuna in the house. Because they were there, because he was hungry, and because he didn't care to remember my one-tin-a-day rule. I've half a mind to make him buy the replacement set. Except my lad is perma-broke.

I'm still going to drag him along because time away from his games hurts him like nothing else.

Whatever I have going wrong with me, I'll figure it out. It'll probably be something daft. Because that's how things go for me.