Challenge #01893-E069: Surprising Goddess

From the world of five Gods. A God whose harvest of souls includes those whose last words were. "Ho lads! Hold my ale and watch this!" -- Knitnan

[AN: That description doesn't exactly fit that world... or the Gods]

Where there is a will, there is a way, and where there is a niche, there is a God. There is a Goddess of Fields and Flowers. There is a Goddess of Motherhood and another of Fertility. Sometimes, they pinch-hit for each other. These are realms in which feminity is expected, and downright necessary. For patrilineal societies, there is definitely a Goddess of Virginity.

What is unexpected is the one known informally as the Goddess of Fools. The more formal name for her is She of Ale-Soaked Dares. Or, She They Strive For.

Because ale-addled men will do anything for a shapely lady, or a comely face, or an interesting combination anywhere near the two. Ale and testosterone are lethal combinations, especially when attempting to impress a potential mate. Most men that young and that foolhardy also falsely believe that they are immortal, and thus haven't sworn to any particular God.

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