I can do this!

I have an appointment with the people fixing my car, today. The door latches on my car have been recalled and need replacing.

Thus, my PLN for the day includes bringing along MY NEW LAPPY to do all my work whilst on the move. I have everything set up.

Thus, I'm letting myself relax this morning and only focussing on this blog.

If I get as far as the Patreon stuff while on remote, all y'all will miss out on is the stalled fanfic and I know for a fact that there's hardly anyone on the $10 tier.

I'll get to that later, I promise.

I also have to get a supply of stevia 'cause we're nearly out. Since we got the flavour drops, I haven't been using it so much, but I like to have a supply, you know? Just in case.

I used to be poor. I have a subsequent hoarding problem. I'm working on it.

Let's see how far I get when I'm on the move, today.