I am a Donkosaurus

I forgot to do my Patreon stuff, yesterday. I'm more than likely to skip out on that again today.

Today, my car is going in for a service because we suspect that it is leaking coolant. It needs an annual or semi-annual top-up of the stuff and that, apparently, is not normal.

So the PLN is to take it to the repair place today and hope they can squeeze my little car in and see if they can spot a leak. If they can't, I have to make sure I have a five litre bottle of ready-mix coolant for the 14-hour round trip to Tullagawupwup.

Further in my failure queue today is the fact that I fell 300 words short of my 'push' total of 1K words. I just... couldn't do it. I need to prep for the trip, and maybe make that my priority, rather than focussing on pushing my 3K out faster so I can then work on that. Maybe I need to chill this week and next. Do the essentials, then squeeze in the rest afterwards.

I'm already planning to take a week off from my novel for the week of the trip. Maybe if I warn my followers on Saturday about the turmoil I'm experiencing, they won't fret or abandon me for whatever space of time it takes for me to rearrange my life back into passing for normal.

Don't worry, though. I'll be back to writing real soon.

Maybe when this is done, I can re-achieve some focus. (I can hear my Friendo laughing at that one.)

I can't not write. We know this. Even during the worst of it, you will still be getting a daily blog entry.

I will try to get the Patreon and Wordpress stuff out this week. I will try to finish the 3K for my novel, this week.

What I need to do is get my shit together for the meatspace stuff that needs to happen. I have to focus on what I need.