Hello, Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season

I might have a cold. I might be running foul of a dose of Chicken Pox. Or I might just be battling the Autumn weather.

Time will tell.

I have my "Shandy" as a ginger delivery system. I have some new ginger. I can get ingredients for other ginger delivery systems. And If I'm still not better after a fortnight, that's when I drag myself off to the doctor to see if there's anything that can be done.

But I doubt that I'll be sick by the end of next week.

Beloved has a new car, and because of assorted shenanigans, they now owe me in excess of $4K. Which I will be very happy to have because the new lappy is going to be even better than the projected model.

Halfway through this year... plus interest earned whilst I sit on that there nest egg... I'm looking forward to this, to be honest.

And Beloved has been promising to get their shit off of the loaner lappy I'm using now. We'll see what's happening with that come this weekend.

And since I've noted that I'm spending more time on games lately, I'm limiting the refurbish of Rael to five hundred words a day and taking the weekends off. I need 'me' time.

I'm not far off the end of this book. Which is good. Only a few more thousand words. I can do it. And if I get a brilliant idea, then wahey.

I should chill. I've only got 8K to go. Take it a few hundred at a time and get there anyway. At 500 words a day, that's 16 days. A little over a fortnight. Plus four days of rest if I go that far.

Not long at all.