Challenge #01887-E063: Beyond Rocket Science

[Person 1] “Come on, it’s not rocket science!” [Person 2] “That is exactly what this is!” -- TheDragonsFlame

It was one thing to believe that one had survived a sub-orbital flight. It was another to begin to suspect that one had survived a trip through a pan-dimensional wormhole, and to do that relatively unscathed. Sure, she had broken bones and scars, and her outfit was toast, but according to her math, she should have just died.

The whole pan-dimensional wormhole thing was easier to believe given that her hosts were Centaurs, and the smartest man in the world was also a lizard called Albert.

There are just some points at which the brain gives up, shrugs, and just goes with whatever. Because working that noise out would cause it to implode. And since brains don't want to implode, they are inclined to assume that this is the new normal and proceed accordingly. Which, in this case, means advancing the cause of physics by more than a handful of decades.

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