::Evil Laugh::

Today's the day. I posted that chapter of Random Encounters and the angst floweth deep in the comments section, oh boy.

They'll forgive me at chapter twenty-four.

I didn't get 1K in, yesterday. And rather than punishing myself for that, I decided to give myself an 'out'. I write a minimum of five hundred words. 1K is the 'bonus points' goal for the day. And it may be more merciful on my wrists over time.

I have noticed a twinge or two in my right wrist, so maybe slowing it down overall should be a PLN for me.

It doesn't matter how fast I get Rael rewritten. Just so long as it is rewritten. As long as I write something on a daily basis, I am thereby closer to the target word count than I was previously.

Which also gives me time to do the Grand Run-Around today. Because we're out of Stevia. Because we're out of Mini Tuna tins. Because my plans to stay in quarantine, like the best-laid plans of mice and men, are gang aft agley.

Soon as I'm done here, I'm on to the supplies. Your instant story will be ready anon.