Hello, Hello, I Must Get Going

It's that time again. I just posted the last installment of Sweet Child of Mine, which means that I may just be getting a new influx of people curious to find out what the hell else I'm doing with my alleged life.

Today, we have a delicious amount of nothing planned. Which is something of a rarity with a spouse who seems to hate lying around at home. Once I'm done with today's Instant [see my other posts, lovely newbies] I shall probably spend a majority of my day building an epic tree with my Beloved in Minecraft.

I've been working on it in fits and patches for a week, now. I'm still not up to the cloud layer. It's gonna be huge.

Maybe if I take writing breaks when I'm XP grinding repairs on my stuff, I can write Free Katz a little quicker. I'll see.

Thunder is happening, so fanfic might be happening faster than I might want to.

And now, I must get going on today's Instant before we get a blackout.