Swimming Sunday was cancelled because Real Life interfered. Beloved's dad got whisked to hospital because of a blood circulation thing [he's fine now BTW]. Because my default state in an emergency is to man the phones, I did not want to leave the house.

Because Beloved thought I'd somehow go swimming anyway [WAT?] they decided to NOT FIRKIN CALL WITH ANY GD NEWS.

We've been in a serious relationship since the late 90's, folks. And Still, neither of us knows how the other one works.

In less than ten minutes, I have to start ordering around my little darlings and get going on the first day of school.

Which is followed by a public holiday tomorrow. Fun times ahead.

As far as the diet goes... the jury is still out. I've gained back everything I lost in the 48 hours that pre-hydrating actually worked. Maybe if I consume less fried stuff, I might have a chance. I don't know. Maybe it was bullshit after all.

I'll keep going. Hydration is a good habit anyway. Maybe it will work. Maybe the last couple of days were just... bad. Maybe I'm wishing on stars. Eh.

I have three minutes left. Time for some Chaos and Mayhem.