Happy Birthday, Miss Chaos

My darling little girl is now a Difficult Teen(tm) at officially thirteen today.

I haven't got her anything for a present just yet. But she does have free license to pig out on whatever she wants, today. Which is going to include dinner at Hoggies, cupcakes at school, and a caramel mud cake in the evening.

On the plus side, I do have all day to wander around and figure out what might gain miss Chaos' interest.

Or I could give her Google Play money, which she can use on fun things on her phone.

I dunno.

I feel like I'm being a Horrible Parental, but Miss Chaos is at that stage where they're difficult to buy for.

Meanwhile, master Mayhem has fallen under the influence of Lurgi and is taking a day of rest.

Today's going to be... 'fun'.