Challenge #01955-E131: Good Morning! Good Morning!

From the "Coffee Zombie" Human to the "Warmth Seeker" Reptilian, the earlier hours of the morning can be amusing. -- Anon Guest

Of all the phenomenon in known civilisation, slow starters versus morning people is one of the most universal. The people who spring from their slumber, fresh-faced and cheerful and raring to go are both treasured and hated in equal measure. Treasured, because they are the kind of people who can be relied upon to make the coffee or hot beverages in the morning. And hated because they insist on trying to cheer up the slow starters.

Lessons on understanding others have helped a great deal on that particular front. Morning people with proper training now know to wait until the slow starters are fully functional before they start their cheering up shenanigans. And with further training, the slow starters can deal with the morning people being cheerful just slightly too early.

"Good morning! Hot water bottles to the left, coffee to the right," Sandy cheered.

Blaire bleered at her. "Y' got coffee in a hot water bottle? It's shark week."

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