Happy birthday, Mayhem

Of all the injustices of the universe, the greatest must be having a birthday while you're sick. You can't go out. You can't have a big party. You can't do anything much but ingest whatever you can and groan pathetically. Or wrap yourself up in a doona and play videos all day.

Fortunately, three out of four of those things are Mayhem's favourite activities, so he's not that put out. The minor inconvenience of lurgi is quelled by medication and he hasn't lost his desire to have birthday pie.

Yeah, we're strange. I get it. Mayhem is not much of a fan of cake. He will, on the other hand, do all the good things for himself that he doesn't want to do if there's an offer of pie at the other end of it.

Example: Mayhem has almost stopped using the F-bomb in every sentence because of Fray Bentos pie in a tin. I need to get more of those suckers.

Reward for good behaviour works way better than punishment for bad. File under things I really should have learned at my parentals' knees.


We have two enormous family pies, care of Beefy's and they are DELICIOUS. I'm surprised that this franchise is limited to Southeast Queensland. By all rights, it should be global. They even have gluten-free options for the celiacs among us. And they might have vegan options, too. I haven't checked.

Shameless plug combined with inability to not share good things :D

My plans don't go much further than slobbing about, today. Having pie, leftover cake, and possibly a lot of spray cream. And as many beverages as I can get into them all. And considering the frankly scary lack of appetite in Chaos, as many treats as she can get away with.