Happy birthday, dear Beloved

It's my Beloved's birthday tomorrow, and I have enough scratch to pay for anything they want for this weekend. Not only do I have spare spondooly from buying my laptop, but I have scratchings in the piggy bank and a willingness to make the love of my life happy for a whole weekend.

They, of course, have started their celebrations by staying up until fuckoff in the morning [2AM] and waking me up in the process. They are now having a scheduled snooze until possibly way too late.

I've been saving my scratchings for more than a year. If I present it as a year of my efforts, it's slightly more romantic. I hope.

I'm socially impaired, I have no clue if this is romantic or not, but it feels romantic to me. My Beloved puts up with these levels of bullshit on the daily, so they at least deserve the reward.

I'd better get a rattle on with my work, so I can be ready for them whenever for whatever.