Google Pixel!

So I'm a long-time Apple nerd, all the way back to the late eighties when I got my first Mac Classic.

But that time is past.

Basically because Apple repeatedly drops the ball by coming out with substandard crap and trying to market it as what the people want. If the people move, en masse, to a better product, then the companies will see what the people really want.

And better yet, I'm getting it for free because Telstra has an upgrade-your-phone thing.

And now I have to rack off and go fetch it. Wheeeee!


The new Pixel is not idiot-proof and I am a living testimony to that particular aspect. The Pixel wanted a wifi connection to drain my iPhone of all its data.

I naturally chose the free wifi, only to find out that my Pixel still couldn't reach the interwebs and things got borked for the better part of an hour.

Now things are borked because my iPhone is encrypted. Stay tuned for further bulletins on that one.