Good times :D

We went all the heck way out to an area very close to MeMum's for our Valentines+1 and some very, very good sushi.

I ate too much, I tried eel, I tried mochi [mochi ice cream, but still], I ate what I think of as underprepared salmon... and it was GLORIOUS.

We even brought some of it home for the spawn. Mayhem immediately complained about the firkin salmon. Sigh.

I want to tell him about the eel we brought home this morning :D

One day, my lad will learn not to be fussy.

I've tried to teach the boy. Show him that trying new things is not fatal. It hasn't landed. He's inherited my Dad's distrust of strange new foods and I can't help but be amused.

There's a world of experience out there. Though we can take it at our own pace, being scared of it shouldn't have to be a thing. Ah well. On with the story for today and some relaxation type shenanigans.

...apparently, I have some episodes of Picard to catch up on.