Challenge #02600-G043: Trying to Learn

Humans are deathworlders, but anyone who says that we are and have always been apex predators is, well, wrong. -- Anon Guest

History is written by the victors. Ancient history is written by those who wish to justify their own cruelties. -- Adapted Terran saying.

Culture and education is an interesting synergy. The way things are seem to be the way they are always meant to be according to Nature, as evidenced by what is found in ancient history. The cruelties of serfdom or slavery, when not verified by the workings of the preferred deity, are justified in the anthill. The harshness of the dawning of the Industrial Age is verified by the pacing animals in the zoos, the fossil evidence of hunting tools, and Nature Red in Tooth and Claw.

The harshness created by capitalism uses the same ideals. Regardless of the truth, which has remained the same despite how the evidence is interpreted. Nature has always been cruel, they say. Therefore there is no reason why we should ever stop. They ignore evidence to the contrary because it is inconvenient. As in, inconvenient for what they wish to happen in their favour.

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